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Applications will not be processed until all documents and the application fee have been received.

Payment Details

School Fees

School Bus

*Please note: school bus is not available for children in the Pre-Nursery class. A separate application will be sent prior to enrolment, bus stops and seats are not guaranteed.

In consideration of submitting this application, I/we being the parent(s)/guardian of the pupil jointly agree with the following:

1. I/we will abide by Wellington College International Shanghai policies and procedures as notified to us from time to time.

2. That Wellington College International Shanghai has our permission to contact my/our child’s previous school in order to obtain information relevant to this application.

3. That I/we have read and understood the policies regarding school fees and that I/we agree to pay all fees and tuition according to Wellington College International Shanghai policy.

4. I/we will promptly inform the College if any given information described in this application form changes.

5. That all holders of parental responsibility for the applicant have signed this Application Form and that no one else holds parental responsibility for him/ her.

6. I/we confirm that I/we reside in Shanghai and that my/our child will reside with at least one parent. My/our child has/will have legal Shanghai residency status and we have provided copies of our resident permits and Shanghai work permits, including the pupil’s resident permit with this application, or if not yet available, no later than one month from the enrolment date. Should we be unable to provide proof of legal residency, Wellington College International Shanghai reserves the right to ask my/our child to leave College and all tuition fees paid will be forfeited.

7. I/we certify that I/we have fully and accurately disclosed in this form all medical, behavioural, emotional and other issues that might affect my/our child’s life at Wellington College. I/we agree that the College shall have the right to assess at any time whether it can provide or continue to provide adequate educational care and provision to my/our child. I/We understand that failure to have complied with accurate and complete disclosure is grounds for nullification of a pupil’s enrolment at Wellington College International Shanghai.

Date: Jan 22, 2020

Date: Jan 22, 2020